Trends We Expect to See in Men’s Street Style

Here at Vogue Runway, we recently learned that there are now more Fashion Weeks than there are weeks in a year. That means it’s never not “fashion show season”—and we’re often covering multiple Fashion Weeks at the same time. In fact, in two days, the Fall 2019 Menswear shows will kick off in London, in tandem with our continuing Pre-Fall 2019 coverage. So much for easing into the New Year!

Along with a glimpse at what guys (and girls) will be wearing next fall, we’ll be posting hundreds of street style photos that reveal what they’re into right now—and we have a few ideas about what to expect. Utility gear, luxurious outerwear, and strange pants are just a few of our street style predictions; below, we’ve outlined 10 of the trends you’re bound to see more of this month.

Covetable Cross-Bodies

We know, we know—guys have been wearing fanny packs and cross-body bags across their chests for over a year. But instead of fading away, this trend is picking up steam thanks to a few big debuts: Kim Jones at Dior Men and Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton. Both designers’ first collections included covetable new cross-body bags for boys: Jones put his spin on the Dior saddle bag (and showed it again in chrome for Pre-Fall 2019), while Abloh’s hewed more minimalist in croc-embossed leather. We guarantee you’ll see guys wearing bags from both collections all month long.

Spotted and Striped

In the world of womenswear, animal prints don’t exactly qualify as breaking news. But for men, a tiger-striped coat or leopard button-down still feels like a risk. We’ve seen a few daring guys wear leopard and zebra motifs on the street, but thanks to the animal prints on major runways—Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, and Coach 1941 among them—we have a feeling they’ll catch on in a bigger way in 2019.

The Luxurious Coat

Statement outerwear has been trending in women’s collections for years, from faux fur chubbies to plaid trenchcoats, but it wasn’t until last year that we saw men trying it out. In lieu of standard-issue parkas and puffers, guys invested in plush furs, jewel tone toppers, and even couture-like tailored coats—perhaps an elegant response to the streetwear that’s still everywhere. For further proof, consider the gorgeous coats in Haider Ackermann’s final Berluti collection, or the glossy, rounded Astrakhan coat at Dior Men pre-fall.

A leather jacket is practically the inverse of a trend: It’s an item you’re meant to wear for years and years, and it actually gets better with age. Maybe that’s why men and women are returning to classic, vaguely ’70s-ish leather jackets in shades of black and brown. Nine times out of 10, they’ve got a turtleneck underneath, too. It’s a look that makes a statement while remaining timeless—an ideal combination for those of us who’ve already done the statement-coat and puffer thing.

Down-Filled Dreams

Speaking of puffers . . . plenty of guys are still into them. What’s changed is that they’re moving away from enormous, absolute-unit-style puffers towards “regular”-size coats in Crayola colors. Instead of hiding your entire outfit, they’re simply the final layer—and most guys are wearing them unzipped, all the better to reveal what’s underneath.

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